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Video of Tessa from the photoshoot today

Just some random shots I took from Tessa’s photo shoot hahaha Just having some fun
It wouldn’t let me upload it to facebook so…. sorry Tessa ha
Check out the photo shoot Nicole Wiseman did here:…
Song by the Jonas Brothers

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Want to confess to a little fandom secret?


We are in the VERY early stages of planning this project. But if you’ve ever done anything completely crazy in the name of fandom, you might want to check this out.

Have you ever waited 3 hours in the pouring rain to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity?

Have you ever flown to another state/country for a concert?

Have you ever lined up for a midnight book release? In costume?

Have you ever slept on the street in NYC to get rush tickets for a broadway show?

Confess your Little Fandom Secret to us and be interviewed (via skype) for this new project. People in your fandom get it, but your “real life” friends just don’t understand. Let’s talk about it!

More details soon! Follow us. Tell your friends!

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